How GrabText Works?

GrabText captures handwritten or printed text from photos, graphics, or documents and converts it into editable text. Follow these straightforward steps:

1. Upload Photos or Documents:

- For mobile devices, take a simple photo.

2. Text is Captured

- The text is Grabed and displayed in the text window.

3. Automatic Corrections

- Choose to automatically correct spelling, grammar, and add punctuation marks.

4. Export Options

- Export the converted text to files with options such as txt, doc, or clipboard.

Camera Scanning on Mobile Phones

Yes, camera scanning is supported on mobile phones. Just take a photo with your phone, and GrabText will effortlessly capture the text for you.

Math Equations Supported

Handwritten and printed math equations are supported. Make sure the “math” option is on. The text result is in standard LaTex format. In doc and pdf outputs, the equations will show. Certain versions or plugins may be required on your document viewer.

Support for Multi-Page Documents

For multi-page documents, upload pdf files, and GrabText will capture the text page by page. If you have specific requirements for batch processing, feel free to contact us. ChatGPT corrections are not available for multi-page document processing.

Why Choose GrabText?

GrabText proves invaluable in various scenarios, from converting handwritten notes and math equations to printed tags. Its integration with ChatGPT ensures efficient and automatic text cleanup, enhancing overall productivity.

Data Security Assurance

Rest assured, GrabText prioritizes your data security. We do not store the uploaded files. Once the documents are processed, the files are automatically deleted, ensuring your information remains confidential.

Language Support

GrabText offers extensive language support:

- For printed text, it covers over 260 languages.

- For handwriting, current support includes English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

Server Location

Our servers are hosted on Amazon AWS servers located in the United States, ensuring reliable and secure processing of your data. All uploaded images and documents will deleted right away after text extraction.

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